IPad a Huge Boost to Spirits, Academic Success of Young Girl

Haley is a delightful, beautiful 11-year-old girl attending the fifth grade at Metter Intermediate School who was born with a disability. Tetra- Amelia Syndrome is the absence of all limbs and Haley has Amelia Syndrome, which is the absence of both arms. It is so rare that only a few cases have ever been reported.

Haley is amazing and does everything with her feet and toes, including writing and feeding herself. Through the combined ef- forts of the Division of Developmental Disabilities, Haley was presented with an iPad. She can now take notes in class and teachers to download her homework and information from textbooks, which are so heavy they cause her back pain. Different applications assist Haley academically and she uses a Bluetooth keyboard, which is a huge help with her writing skills. With the iPad, Haley feels more like her peers.

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